Skin Care Tip #1

Welcome to Lae's Shea first ever skin care tip blog! I am so excited to finally get this blog up and to not only provide products that help you achieve healthy and glowy skin, but tips that will help you MAINTAIN healthy and glowy skin.

The first tip I would like to share is actually one of the smallest steps of your skin care regimen. That is, drying your face. Yes, I said. Today, we will be discussing the proper way to dry your face to help reduce dryness and break outs.

First tip to drying your face: NEVER rub your face!!

Rubbing your face causes irritation. Instead of rubbing, dab or pat your face gently.

2nd tip to drying your face: NEVER use the same towel you use to dry your body off!

When using the same towel to dry your body on your face you are transferring bacteria onto your face that can cause break outs. Instead, use a clean paper towel. Using a clean paper towel every time you wash your face not only cuts down on bacterias but it much more gentle on your face than a towel. A more eco friendly option are micro fiber towels. Just remember to wash your microfiber towels often in order to cut down on bacteria.

Thank you so much for reading Lae's Shea very first blog! I hope you learned something new! Want me to discuss something on our blog? You can email us at or reach us on facebook and instagram!

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