Whippy Shea Butter

Whippy Shea Butter

Made from all natural ingredients.  Light and fluffy that instantly nourishes your skin and hair!

Each whipped shea butter is made fresh and scents are always personalized to each client. 

Lae's Shea whippy shea butter is good for:

1. hair sealant

2. protective styles

3. skin cream for your entire body

4. hair growth and beard growth 




Shea butter, cocoa butter, organic hemp seed oil, organic castor oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, fragrance or essential oil.




  • Shipping: Summer Time

    Due to the war weather, the whipped shea butter may have melted in transit. I am so sorry if that happens to your order. Trust and believe that the whipped shea butter healing properties have not been tarnished!



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